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Fertilizer spreader N 031 M, N 031 M/1

Rozsiewacz komunalny Motyl
N 031 M/1 spreader with narrow spreading attachment
Rozsiewacz komunalny Motyl
N 031 M/1 with municipal (spreading width) attachment

Fertilizer spreader after mounting narrow spreading or municipal attachment is used to spread sand and salt.


Type:N 031 MN 031 M/1
Spreading systemCentrifugalCentrifugal
Hoppers capacity:0,32 m30,40 m3
Weight:105 kg130 kg
P.T.O. rotations:540 rpm540 rpm
Permissible load, when aggregating with a tractor class:
 - 0,6
 - 0,9

200 kg
400 kg

200 kg
600 kg

Additional equipment:
Photos of spreader with municipal attachment

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