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The grain hammer mill H 115, H 115/1

The grain hammer crusher H 115

The grain hammer mill H 116

Rozdrabniacz bijakowy H 116

A grain hammer mill is a mill which purpose is to crush grain into fodder to feed the livestock, by the repeated blows of little hammers fodder for breeding animals.
It is useful for small farms.

TypeH 115H 115/1H 116
Efficiency *900 kg/h1300 kg/h1200 kg/h
Engine power7,5 kW11 kW11 kW
Hopper capacity85 l85 l-
Screen perforation size5-8 mm5-8 mm3-12 mm
*Average efficiency of the grain hammer mill depends on kind and humidity of grain as well as size of screen perforation. Efficiency tests have been carried out on wheat of moisture up to 15% and screen perforation size 8 mm.
REMEMBER! Higher moisture and smaller size of screen perforation reduce efficiency of the hammer mill.


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