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The suction and force conveyor T 207, T 207/1, T 207/2, T 207/3

Suction and force conveyor T 207, T 207/1, T 207/2, T 207/3

Suction and force pneumatic conveyors are designed to transport the grain both horizontally and vertically. They may be applied for unloading works, such as handling the grain from heaps, grain silos or silos simultaneously loading onto the transporting vehicles and the other way around.

The suction nozzle placed at the end of an elastic hose is applied to suck the grain, then the grain is transported through the cyclone, feeder and pipeline to its destination.

Standard outfit: Accessories:
Type of conveyor
engine power
Efficiency at t/h*
T 207 (7,5 kW)4,53,52,52,2
T 207/1 (11 kW)9,58,78,07,0
T 207/2 (15 kW)14,513,012,011,0
T 207/3 (7,5 kW)6,56,255,54,5

* Efficiency of the conveyors depends on a kind and humidity of grain as well as the length of transporting pipeline. Performance tests have been carried out on wheat of moisture up to 14% and dirt up to 1%.

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